History of Riley Gear Corporation

75 Years of Custom Gear Manufacturing


Riley Gear Corporation was founded in Buffalo, New York, by Walter Riley and his son, Donald. The company was founded to provide customers with high-quality engineered small precision gear solutions for applications requiring gear components to withstand the harshest environments.


Riley Gear founded in Buffalo, New York


After five years of continuous growth, Riley Gear Corporation made the strategic decision to relocate its headquarters to a new facility in North Tonawanda, New York. This relocation would provide the company with the capacity for future growth. Riley Gear Corporation has invested in several additions and renovations to the North Tonawanda facility since 1951.

Riley Gear relocates to new facility in North Tonawanda, New York


Riley Gear Corporation shifted its focus from small precision gears to larger precision ground gears for major industrial manufacturers of multiple industrial applications including aerospace and defense, energy, industrial HVAC, and transportation.

Riley Gear refocused on larger precision ground gears for major industrial manufacturers


Riley Gear Corporation was chosen by NASA as the gear supplier on the Viking 1 Landing Vehicle which was utilized for exploration on Mars from 1975 to 1980.

Riley Gear supplied gears for NASA Viking 1 Landing Vehicle



Riley Gear Corporation was acquired by the current shareholders and Tom Lowry was named President. The company began converting its machining equipment to computer numerically controlled equipment; thereby expanding its manufacturing expertise.


Riley Gear Corporation expanded its manufacturing footprint by opening a second facility in St. Augustine, Florida. This facility would enhance the company’s manufacturing capability, provide additional capacity for growth and become the corporate headquarters for Riley Gear Corporation.


Aerial Photo of Riley Gear Corporation corporate headquarters in St. Augustine, Florida


Riley Gear Corporation is celebrating 75 years of gear manufacturing!

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