Durable High Speed Gears to Stand Up to Heavy Use

As technology improves and machinery operates faster, your company will need high speed gears that can stand up to the demands of the machinery they help run. At Riley Gear Corporation, based in St. Augustine, Florida, we produce a variety of high speed gearboxes and gears suitable for a variety of industries and applications ranging from aerospace engineering to transportation.

When you need high speed gearing in excess of 25,000 surface feet per minute, count on our manufacturing and engineering facilities to create custom gears that suit your needs precisely. With our state-of-the-art gear grinding capabilities, we’re able to maintain lead and involute tolerances to .00005 inches, two plane dynamic balancing to .005 oz inches, and electrical/mechanical run-out to less than .0002 inches.

High Speed Gearboxes that Meet AGMA Specifications

When you’re using high speed gears, you need gearboxes that are capable of handling the stress put on them. Riley Gear Corporation manufactures high speed gearboxes that meet or exceed all specifications set by the American Gear Manufacturers Association. In addition, our high speed gears meet or exceed the following AGMA standards:
ASTM E-1444 Magnetic Particle
ANSI/AGMA 230.01 Nital Etc.
ANSI S2.19-1975 Balance

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications and Industries

Whether you’re a manufacturer of automotive vehicle parts or construction equipment, everyone in the manufacturing industry knows how quickly technology advances. With these advances inevitably comes the need for higher-quality and more durable gears and gearboxes. Make sure your equipment functions as efficiently and safely as possible by working with a leading high speed gearbox manufacturer like our company. Some of the industries our high speed reduction gearboxes and gears are used in include:

Alternative Energy

Off-Highway Transportation
Marine Propulsion

Power Generation

Machine Tools

Accurately Manufactured Gears for Safety and Efficiency

It’s common knowledge that the faster a machine part moves, the more dangerous it becomes. That’s why it’s vital to choose a qualified and certified high speed gear manufacturer who is able to ensure your products meet or exceed AGMA specifications. By utilizing the latest technology in gear manufacturing and quality control processes, we’re able to maintain high accuracy to AGMA Class Q15 specifications.

To discuss your needs with an engineering or manufacturing professional, get in touch with our staff. We serve original equipment manufacturers and other industries throughout the world.