Custom Gearboxes for Virtually Any Application

When you need any type of custom gear equipment or a custom gearbox for your product, turn to the experienced team at Riley Gear Corporation, headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida. With more than 70 years of experience as custom gearbox manufacturers, our experts are here to work with your design and engineering teams to create the perfect gearbox for your needs.

Whether you work in aerospace or marine propulsion, having a gearbox that fits your gear assembly precisely is important to ensure safe and efficient operation of your equipment. Allow your team of designers and engineers to  create a custom gearbox that you know will perform with efficiency and precision.

Fulfilling AGMA Specifications for Engineering Services

When you’re having a custom gearbox or gears manufactured, it’s important to make sure they’re of the highest quality possible. To provide you with peace of mind and to hold ourselves up to the highest standard, we manufacture and engineer everything to meet the American Gear Manufacturers Association standards.

By fulfilling these standards, you’re able to rest easy knowing that the gears and related products we create for you are able to stand up to whatever use you have for them, and our company knows we’re providing the highest quality products to our customers. This helps contribute to the creation of mutually beneficial relationships with all of our customers.

Providing More than Custom Gears and Gearboxes

Riley Gear Corporation produces custom gear boxes for the commercial, marine, defense, and energy industries. The applications our gearboxes are used in vary from high-speed power transmission to precision positioning devices. All our products are manufactured to your requirements and AGMA specifications. In addition to high-quality gears and gearboxes, we strive to take an ongoing role in your company’s engineering needs, providing the following services in addition to manufacturing:
AGMA-Specific Engineering Services
Value Engineering
Reverse Engineering
Prototype-to-Production and Production Automation Support                                                     Gearbox Inspection and Rebuilding Service

Working with Your Design Team to Produce Great Results

In order to create the highest quality product possible, it’s important to work with teams from a variety of backgrounds. Our engineering specialists are able to work with your teams to produce custom gearbox solutions that fulfill all your needs efficiently and affordably.

To learn more about our custom gearbox and gear manufacturing or to discuss your needs, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.